Responsible Gaming

It is in our interests to provide players with a positive online casino experience, high winning opportunities and comfortable conditions for playing for adequate money. The responsible gambling standards set by our Goxbet casino are aimed at ensuring that your passion for gambling does not result in financial problems for you. Restrict access to the game for morally unstable persons, in particular, minors.

Restriction for underage users in Goxbet casino

The Goxbet casino administration is fully aware of how destructive gambling can be for children and teenagers. We take measures to ensure that persons under the age of majority are not allowed to play for money in online casinos.

We remind parents of their area of ​​responsibility and tools to keep their children away from gambling. Programs called “Parental Control” can restrict some functionality in working with the Internet and in particular access to sites of an unsafe orientation.

Gaming addiction in a casino

Normally, playing slot machines in a casino is a leisure time that takes up only a part of your life, without crowding out a full life. Gambling addiction, in turn, entails problems associated with the psyche, as well as financial problems. If you feel that you have a similar problem, use the service of special psychological assistance from Goxbet online casino.

Submit a request in the 24/7 online chat and we will block your account. You will not have access to the game and will not receive incentives to rip off in the form of promotional messages from the casino. Fencing off the game will help to cope with the addictive state.

How to play at Goxbet casino

  • We advise you to play in a good mood. A negative attitude will not bring you pleasure.
  • Playing slots is fun. It brings money, but cannot be perceived as a means of earning.
  • The desire to recoup often leads to problems. Ignore impulses to get positive by any means here and now. Let go of the situation, and next time you will be lucky.
  • Don’t play with your last money. Allocate to the game an amount that you can easily afford to spend.